. . . our lives behind the lenses

Hi there! We are very pleased to see you stop by our website. We are Ilaria and Andrea, a couple in everyday life and a professional team of photographers – who share their passion for photography – specialised in weddings. Quite often we get asked how we got into this job and I can honestly say that it was not a deliberate choice from the very beginning, it just happened, in such a natural, almost surreal way, as if it were the weddings that chose us and not the other way around… and this is how we turned our greatest passion into our professional life.

Every single day, during weddings, on holidays, we are always together, side by side! Over the past nine years, we’ve been through all sorts of experiences and we are pleased to share with you the happiest, most cheerful and pleasant moments of our lives.

Ilaria e Andrea wedding photographers Venice, Tuscany, Italy.


We believe in spontaneous photography, genuine smiles and loving gazes. We love telling new stories, not old ones, since spontaneity is unique, unrepeatable and timeless.

Your wedding should be nothing but this. A wedding. Not a photoshoot during which you get married. The couples who choose us want their photos to be a genuine record of their ‘big day’.

Our documentary-style approach allows the bride and groom to spend as much time as possible with their families and friends.
Those are unique moments in your wedding and the moments that we love to capture in our photo stories.