. . . more than just clients

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“Massimiliano had got into the car. He wanted to move it in order to pick up comfortably Martina also that, due to the massive cloud of white, could not venture between a car and the other … I though I passed, so I took advantage and I slipped into the car.
I immediately told the groom what I did odd to see him lead the wedding day because, usually, the spouses always have a driver and it was his response to leave me speechless: “I do not entrust to anyone else …” and I: “Oh well, it’s a beautiful car …” and he said “No, I meant Martina.”



Elegance, passion, enthusiasm … are just some of the features of the many couples known in those years, couples we experienced unforgettable moments and shared their happiest day. We witnessed the hectic phase of preparations, we are as excited as (and more) of the guests, when we saw the bride begin to walk the aisle of the church to reach the man who, a little later, would call “husband”, we saw them exchange each other looks and sweet smiles of pure joy during those few moments of intimacy away from everyone, where there were only them and us, silent narrators of that incredible story. We saw them staring at the sky with tears in his eyes as he admired the fireworks or the flying lantern which had just lit, shop and huddle in a deep embrace.
It was an honor and a joy to witness those moments … because, for us, our couples, are more than just clients …


Adjust the dress so that every detail appears perfectly, the spouses support at every stage of the preparations or simply accompany them on this wonderful path, it gives rise between them and us a wonderful relationship, a relationship that goes beyond the classical setting clients / supplier and that has fundamental importance for us …
… Because in the end, all you want is to live the newlyweds an unforgettable experience.